I will start with the slave rebellion. It was Nat Turner who led the slave rebellion in Virginia. Why did he lead a slave rebellion. He and his fellow slaves were tired of living under the rule of a master getting wealthy off the backs of his labor living life as a serf in that day. These slaves wanted to be free. A gift from God. Even though the slave rebellion was put down. The fight for freedom is an ongoing war between the people who want to be free and the tyrants who seek to rule and dominate.

Now today it is not blacks slaves fighting for freedom. It is humanity as a whole fighting for the their own soul to pursue happiness. The Bankers have devised a system to deprive the people of their earnings and wealth. The analogy is an old song “I owe my soul to the company store” talking about another form of enslavement where miners worked for a greedy mining company or factory. One of the terms of employment was to pay rent for housing owned by the business and buy all his goods at the company store at highway robbery prices.

This form of bondage is debt slavery. The rent was high and the prices at the company store were very expensive. The workers had to go into debt just to survive. Compound interest made it impossible for the workers to get out of debt. The workers could not break free because the low wages, high rent and buying from the company store that was very expensive to buy from. This bondage was next to impossible to break free from because of the agreement he made with the company as a condition of employment had themn trapped in a vicious system of financial bondage. They owed their soul to the company store.

Today we owe our soul to the Federal Reserve system. At least they think they own our souls. Well they do not. We been deceived into accepting Federal Reserve notes as a means of exchange for goods and services paying usury that is mathematically impossible to pay.

Lets face it. We pay our cars off when we finance it paying double or triple the price of the value of the vehicle when the Principe, and interest are paid in full.

When we take out a mortgage out on a house. We will pay three times the houses value mostly in interest more than the principle.

Credit card companies make much profit off interest more than principle when people make the minimum payment.

Do we owe our soul to the Federal Reserve Banking system? Yes we do in many ways we are. We have to use the Federal Reserve Note to pay for food. fuel, rent. Even though one dollar used we have to pay interest back just for using the dollar. A debt based currency with interest payed for just being in circulation.

I am ready to break free from this debt slave currency of the Federal Reserve Bank. Are you? Or will you work all your life to pay off the company store?

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