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January 17, 2012

Tonight on the Tuesday, January 17, 2012 edition of the Infowars Nightly News:

• Alex interviews Infowars contributing writer and vaccine researcher Curt Linderman Sr. about the medical tyranny hoax that ceaseless continues in trying to trick the public into complying with “mandatory” vaccinations. In the latest episode, a Pennsylvanian doctor reported her patient to a state trooper, as well as Children and Youth Services Department, after the mother, Rachel Garmon, refused dangerous inoculations for her son. Garmon appeared on the Alex Jones Show early today to explain what had prompted being contacted by the authorities following her 2 1/2 year old’s check-up.

Linderman wrote, in part:

Suddenly, the visit took a turn for the worse as the pediatrician, classically trained in the heretical arts of poisoning young children in the name of health, began to attempt the indoctrination of vaccination into this wayward mother. Rachel however, stood her ground and explained to the doctor that she had “strong convictions against vaccinating (her) son and he was not going to get any shots.”

Rachel also refused to sign the self incriminating form designed by the American Academy of Pediatrics that basically states that you are a horrible parent for not protecting your child with poisonous vaccines. This is a document that no parent should sign as this can be used against you when CPS or Children and Youth Services begin to push their agenda in a family court situation. By the end of the appointment, Rachel stated that she felt that the visit had ended on a good note and really didn’t feel as if there was any need to be concerned with her decision not to vaccinate.

Linderman also wrote an examination of the CDC’s latest campaign to pressure parents to vaccinate their children, citing in particular how such propaganda takes hold in the mainland, endangering the development of children everywhere. Implementation of the color-of-law vaccine policy was especially worrisome in the recent case seen in Natomas, California where school ‘officials’ went door-to-door in attempt to forcibly inoculate several home-study students.

• In other news, Alex profiles Central Falls, Rhode Island, the tiny town that found its democracy had disappeared after it entered into receivership in 2010, following economic difficulties. “They’re being governed without elected representation,” state Sen. Elizabeth Crowley said of Central Falls’ 19,000 residents.

• Meanwhile the Tulsa Grassroots Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters wrote an article today strategizing how to win the election for Ron Paul. In short, the effort focuses on entering pro-Liberty delegates, such as Infowars readers, at the local level to ensure Ron Paul has the delegates to actually vote for him at conventions, both state wide and at the national level.

• Political operatives trying to damage the Ron Paul campaign were caught in posted messages planning to dress up as members of the KKK in South Carolina while carrying Paul signs, calling for media attention to diminishes his chances in the primary vote.

• A closer look at Mitt Romney side-by-side with Barack Obama’s record shows many striking similarities. Not only did both craft health care legislation, but both have campaigns funded-by and driven for the same Big Bank Wall Street interests that the nation has long been protesting. Further, Romney has revealed that he, too, would have signed the NDAA legislation that, among other outrages, attempts to “legalize” the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial.

• A Veteran’s Today article takes a controversial look at the Osama bin Laden we thought we knew? Was he really one of America’s greatest enemies and a provocateur of terrorism, or was he worthy of the highest honors under military rank– as a lifelong ally in U.S. foreign policy. Should CIA asset Tim Osman (OBL’s alter ego and codename, according to declassified documents) really be buried at Arlington instead of at sea, as the Obama Administration has asserted, though without providing any evidence.

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