It is difficult to secure a human heart for transplantation. The donor is usually brain dead and on life support, and the donor and recipient must share matching blood and tissue types to prevent rejection.

So Jacob Lavee, a heart transplant surgeon at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv University,  found it hard to believe when a patient in his hospital department in Israel said that he was due in China in a fortnight, on a specific date, for a heart transplant.

“I looked at him and I said: ‘Do you listen to yourself? How can they schedule a heart transplant ahead of time two weeks?’” Dr. Lavee responded.

That was in 2005. Dr. Lavee recounts the episode in the documentary “Hard to Believe,” the first sustained examination of why the Chinese communist regime’s practice of harvesting the organs of prisoners of conscience—what researchers call a mass murder of at least tens of thousands of victims—is not more widely known.

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