May 9, 2012

Editor’s note: The video below explains that the middle of the night exercise — complete with flash booms and gunfire — was conducted with the police. So much for Posse Comitatus.

Many residents were left concerned after officials conducted a military drill in South Florida.

It was a rude awaking for many residents in the Coconut Grove area after hearing helicopters hovering over South Florida. “I had to go out in the balcony to see what was making the noise,” said Rusty Hudson.

The scene was much like the military exercise over Brickell in April 2011. Residents in Coconut Grove were in panic mode. “I saw the helicopters and I saw the police cars I saw, I guess, dropping a precaution thing, the simulation of gun fires and all this other stuff,” said Hudson.

The Department of Defense was conducting an operation that lined the driveway of the Grand Bay Hotel Tuesday, where residents saw people repelling from helicopters and entering the building between 1 and 3 a.m.

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