May 19, 2013

A new video of Adam Kokesh’s Saturday arrest appears to show police fiddling with the back of his shirt and pants pockets, evidence some are saying is indicative of police attempting to plant something on him.

The following status update appeared on Adam’s Facebook page on Sunday morning:

Just to comment on some of the disinformation out there Adam has not been release nor has he been given a method to contact anyone. Last night Darrell (Adam’s Production Manager) and I went to the philly jail and spoke with them and I was told that Feds came and picked him up… after going through the 2 low level cops that work the desk and speaking to the LT that was in charge (on video of course) we found out adam was being held at the federal jail rather than the local jail that we were at for “resisting arrest” and knowing Adam he most likely refused to process which is another charge… we rode over to the federal jail and spoke to a few people who confirmed Adam was being held in there… I was also told that he under no circumstances would be released without going in front of the judge on monday… anyone claiming that he has already been released is silly… I know being arrested for resisting arrest as the only charge seems crazy as Adam says “If it made sense it wouldn’t be government”… when I hear any news I’ll be sure to update this page and keep everyone informed. – Lucas

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