Attorney General Loretta Lynch is reserving the right to overrule the FBI’s decision on whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton, according to a senior Justice Dept. official.

“From a senior DOJ official: Attorney General Lynch reserves the right to overrule the recommendation of career prosecutors and the FBI in the Hillary Clinton email probe,” Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin tweeted. “This official says the probability she would overrule is ‘very, very low,’ but it is not zero. So the ‘news’ is she will not recuse, despite the firestorm.”

“Saying she will treat this case like other cases (showing deference but reserving the right to overrule) is not new.”

The New York Times reported Lynch, a Clinton appointee elevated by Obama, made “reassurances” she would not overrule the investigation of Clinton’s personal email account, a narrative other media outlets are also pushing, but few are asking why she is continuing to maintain control over investigation if that is the case.

If Lynch is really planning on following the FBI’s recommendation – even if it’s against her wishes – she wouldn’t have reserved the right to overrule the investigation.

In fact, she would have already removed herself from the case by handing it to a special counsel not appointed politically – and thus not influenced by the Obama administration.

Lynch even admitted she wasn’t recusing herself from the investigation because she wanted to be “briefed” on the case, a statement which confirms she’ll ultimately decide Hillary’s fate.

Why would she care about the investigation otherwise if it’s entirely up to the FBI?

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