March 21, 2011

The 9/11 crime and cover-up would not have been possible if high-ranking generals in the U.S. military were not informed about the attacks ahead of time and rewarded for their participation in that unforgivable act of treason against the American people and the United States of America. So, while the Bush administration is definitely to blame for the 9/11 attacks, as well as the intelligence agencies of other U.S. allies, particularly Israel’s Mossad, we shouldn’t overlook the involvement of certain men in the U.S. military.

Traitors in the ranks of the U.S. military probably played the most crucial role in the September 11 attacks because special military coordination, military knowledge, and military skill were required to execute such a large-scale operation. A group of in-the-know generals in the U.S. military selfishly advanced their own careers by assisting in the murder of Americans and later covered-up the crime. They took advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity instead of exposing the traitorous plans to strike New York and Washington to the American people. A special place in hell is reserved for these dishonorable and immoral dogs of war.

The corruption of the U.S. military shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. Corruption and deceit is part of most national standing armies. Egypt’s military is notoriously corrupt, so is Russia’s military, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has been accused of profiting immensely from sanctions. The point is that a large military is a threat to individual liberty and true national defense. Thomas Jefferson famously opposed standing armies, and supported citizen militias who could be called up at any time the country was under attack. But Jefferson’s wise advice was ignored. Rather than depending on brave and virtuous citizens armed with weapons to protect their freedoms and defend their land, America and most nations depend on corrupt and godless standing armies for their defense – armies which consist of millions of slaves who are sent by their evil government masters to fight meaningless and profit-driven wars. The military is “a living monument to tyranny,” said the German poet Heinrich von Kleist.

I don’t know the names of the traitors in the U.S. military who were part of the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks but I will venture a guess and say that Ret. Gen. John “Jack” Sheehan was one of them. Sheehan was a member of the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group which produced a report in 1998 called “Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy,” that was written by three men, Ashton B. Carter, a U.S. National Security expert, Co-Director of Preventive Defense Project, and the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics for President Barack Obama; John. M. Deutch, former United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, a member of the Trilateral Commission, and a member of the Board of Directors of numerous criminal companies such as Citigroup and Raytheon; and Philip D. Zelikow, who served as the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, which covered up evidence implicating senior government officials, ignored key witnesses who gave a different version of what happened on 9/11, and pushed the official conspiracy theory that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks.

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The Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group was “a nine-month long collaboration of faculty from Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and the University of Virginia,” and included “experts on national security, terrorism, intelligence, law enforcement, constitutional law, technologies of Catastrophic Terrorism and defenses against them, and government organization and management.” The group consisted of 20 terrorism analysts, academic professionals, military professionals, and other experts, including Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, President of the World Bank and former managing director of Goldman Sachs Robert Zoellick, international relations scholar and Harvard Professor Joseph Nye, and many other disgusting creatures such as Retired General Jack Sheehan, the former Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Atlantic Command.

It is not a coincidence that Zelikow, one of the main authors of the “Catastrophic Terrorism” report was later picked by the Bush administration to replace Henry Kissinger as the Director of the 9/11 Commission who resigned because there were complaints about his conflicts of interest. Of course, Zelikow also had conflicts of interest but they were not disclosed to the press, the American people, and members of Congress.

It is also not a coincidence that members of the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group were placed in influential posts in the U.S. government and international bodies, like Robert Zoellick of the World Bank, who looks like an evil Bond villain.

General Jack Sheehan was rewarded by being given the title of Senior Vice President at Bechtel Corporation, the largest engineering company in America which had close relations with the Republican Party and Bush administration and was handed a $680 million Iraq contract immediately after the war began. Bechtel was also chosen early on to manage the clean up of the World Trade Center site after the 9/11 attacks, the cost of which was over 2 billion dollars. Here is an excerpt from an article called “New York Officials May Hire Bechtel For Trade Center Job,” that was written by Debra K. Rubin and Aileen Cho on November 19, 2001:

New York City could soon be turning to San Francisco-based Bechtel Group Inc. to manage the estimated $2.5-billion cleanup of the World Trade Center site.

Bechtel officials confirm it is “in discussions” with New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (R) and city officials to take over management of cleanup work at the site of the buildings destroyed by the Sept. 11 attacks. The plan to bring in Bechtel has unnerved site contractors and other project participants who claim the move is politically motivated because of the firm’s strong Republican connections.

At ENR press time, neither the mayor’s office nor top officials of the city’s Dept. of Design and Construction (DDC), which has been managing site operations, would officially confirm the management change. But sources close to the project say Bechtel could be on the jobsite as early as just after Thanksgiving. “This is being shoved down our throats,” says one project participant.

It is obvious why Bechtel was chosen by the Giuliani administration to clean up the WTC site: they could be trusted to run a tight ship and help get rid of damaging evidence that would implicate the U.S. government in the attacks. And although the fact that General Jack Sheehan was the Senior Vice President of Bechtel at the time of the attacks is not clear-cut proof that he was part of the conspiracy that was responsible for 9/11, it is a little suspicious.

The war criminals who were part of the government conspiracy behind the 9/11 attacks are not masterminds. They are demented little creatures who are rewarded with government and university positions and given titles in order to make it appear as if they attained those positions because they are brilliantly smart. Sheehan, for example, is a clueless bigot and homophobe. He made headlines last year by supporting the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and defended his position by saying that gays make the military weak, and blamed “the Netherlands’ military’s supposed failure in Bosnia in 1995 on their allowance of openly gay soldiers.” Here is an excerpt from the article “Netherlands to Gen. John Sheehan: You’re Stupid, Stop Talking”:

Sheehan blames the overrunning of Srebrenica, a United Nations safe haven that Dutch forces were protecting, by Bosnian Serb soldiers on the Dutch military’s homos. “It is astonishing that a man of his stature can utter such complete nonsense,” says Dutch defense spokesman Roger van de Wetering. “The Srebrenica massacre and the involvement of UN soldiers was extensively investigated by the Netherlands, international organisations and the United Nations. Never was there in any way concluded that the sexual orientation of soldiers played a role.”

Sheehan’s narrow-mindedness and unpatriotic support for gays who serve in the U.S. military is shameful indeed. But Sheehan is not only a homophobe and an idiot, he is a liar, a state murderer, and a scumbag traitor. The General doesn’t have any honesty or integrity. All his medals should be taken away from him.

The existence of dishonorable and lying traitors in the military is more harmful to a country than the existence of gays in the military. A gay patriot is better than a straight traitor. The former screws his boyfriend behind the scenes, while the latter screws his country behind the scenes.

It is clear what should happen to the war criminals and traitors who share responsibility for the 9/11 attacks and the criminal wars that followed them. The laws of nature and the laws of God demand that they be brought to justice and hanged for their crimes against humanity. What are we waiting for? Let’s hang these rotten bastards and take back our world from the masters of war.

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