President Trump’s oldest son Donald Trump Jr. went into hostile territory to make an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday and came out victorious after exposing the hypocrisy of the show’s hosts and the network itself.

The biggest burn of the afternoon came when Don Jr. called out Joy Behar for wearing blackface only for Behar to lie to the audience and say “No, I have not.”

“No, she was not in blackface. Listen, being black, I recognize blackface. This I can say to you,” Whoopi Goldberg said, defending her co-host.

In the same clip, Trump Jr. also condemned Whoopi for defending child rapist Roman Polanski, to which Goldberg asked, “You wanna bring this up?”

Despite Behar’s claim that she never wore blackface, in a previous episode of “The View,” she admitted to dressing like “a beautiful African woman” for Halloween when she was in her twenties.

“I had makeup that was a little bit darker than my skin,” she added.

Whoopi Goldberg also didn’t seem bothered when her then-boyfriend Ted Danson wore blackface at a celebrity roast at the Friar’s Club in the 90s where he used the word “nigger” more than a dozen times.

Following his appearance, Don Jr. tweeted out a link to an article proving Goldberg said what Polanski did “wasn’t ‘rape’ rape.”

The panel also tried to criticize Trump Jr. for “releasing the name” of an anonymous anti-Trump whistleblower, but the president’s son refuted that claim by pointing out the name had been reported by the Drudge Report, Real Clear Politics and other sources days before he tweeted an article on the subject.

The audience applauded when Don Jr. defended himself against the allegation that he outed the whistleblower, but Joy Behar was quick to chastise the crowd, yelling, “Listen, this is not a MAGA rally, okay?”

Next, Don Jr. slammed ABC, the network “The View” airs on, for working with CBS to hunt down and fire the employee who leaked video of an ABC anchor claiming the network refused to report on the Jeffrey Epstein story years before it went mainstream.

“ABC is right now chasing down a whistleblower about all of the Epstein stuff because those stories were killed. So, if we’re going to have the conversation about the outrage about whistleblowers…” he argued.

“I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an interview this much in my life. Guess you could say that I just #Triggered The View!!!” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter.

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