The streams of people in Maryland who left a rare campaign appearance by President Barack Obama over the weekend showed he is so unpopular that even African-Americans can’t listen to him anymore, real estate and entertainment billionaire Donald Trump told “Fox & Friends.”

“This was an African-American crowd, largely. And, they just couldn’t stand listening to him anymore, which is very interesting,” Trump said Monday. “I don’t think it really means anything new. I’m not surprised to see it.”
Obama was at a rally in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, on Sunday to support the state’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, when crowds of people in the audience began to leave while the president was speaking, Reuters reported. Trump said the reason was that African-Americans had “had enough” of the president.

Obama, who also campaigned over the weekend for Illinois Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn, has held numerous fundraisers to aid Democrats running in the 2014 midterm elections, but few candidates have been keen to appear alongside him.

Trump said one reason for Obama’s lagging popularity among African-Americans could be the unemployment rate among minorities, particularly males, which he explained was “far worse than it’s ever been.”

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