The eldest son of US President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., signaled support for the free speech rights of Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer after he was arrested at the US Capitol while conducting a silent protest.

On Friday, Trump Jr. liked a tweet from Newsmax anchor John Cardillo, who took issue with the fact that Shroyer was approached and arrested by Capitol police, despite other anti-Trump protesters being allowed to protest in the exact same location.

“The ‘Impeach Trump’ protesters, a lot of them, stood in the same spot and were left alone. Multiple pics and videos prove that,” Cardillo wrote in a tweet sent out to his 190.7K followers.

“Who ordered the Capitol PD to surround one pro-Trump guy who was peacefully protesting?” Cardillo asked, commenting on Infowars reporter Savanah Hernandez’s footage of Shroyer’s arrest.

“Two-tiered justice, again,” he added.

Shroyer was arrested Thursday as he staged a silent protest, complete with tape over his mouth, outside the Trump impeachment trial.

Donald Trump Jr. had previously defended Infowars and condemned conservative censorship back in 2018 when Democrats and Big Tech teamed up to de-platform Infowars.

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Capitol PD arrests Infowars reporter.

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