Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saw Infowars’ report last week which showed illegal aliens caught in the act of drug smuggling, the realty mogul said at a campaign stop in Iowa today.

After thanking for promoting his visit to Laredo, the casino owning reality TV star revealed he had seen the damning video shot by Infowars, which caught drug smugglers swimming across the Rio Grande River before loading large packages of drugs into a parked SUV.

Here’s a transcript from his speech:

So while we’re there, you probably read it, it was at Drudge, who’s great by the way, Drudge is amazing. But the story on Drudge – and big story, it’s all over the place now – guys swimming across, and big bags of stuff, it’s drugs, swimming across the river, swimming right across, and they put the drugs…

And actually the camera crew, or the reporters, were petrified because they thought they were going to be killed, because they’re showing this on camera the guys carrying bags of stuff, it was drugs…

See full video here.

Last week, Infowars reporters Josh Owens and Joe Biggs headed to Laredo intending to interview the billionaire presidential contender.

While shooting a report on the banks of the Rio Grande River, however, the crew witnessed a drug smuggling operation in progress, catching it all on film.

The footage, shot within minutes of Biggs and Owens arriving at the border, served to further validate Trump’s earlier remarks regarding criminal illegal aliens coming in from Mexico.

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