President Donald Trump ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden again on Monday, pointing to his recent gaffes on the campaign trail.

During his political rally in Kentucky, President Trump imitated Biden campaign “handlers” yelling at him for all of his political gaffes, such as when Biden said he loved being in Ohio, when he was in Iowa.

“They say, ‘Damn it, he should have left sooner,’ … they told him, ‘Get off the stage, Sleepy Joe. Sleepy Joe, Get off the damn stage,” Trump said as the crowd cheered.

Trump referred to Biden’s history of gaffes and his nervous demeanor while on the campaign trail.

“They have him all freaked out because he makes a mistake every time he speaks,” Trump said.

He reminded voters that Biden said that China was not a threat to the United States, after allowing the communist country to commit economic”piracy and plunder” against the United States when he was vice president.

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