Donald Trump is entering into joint fundraising agreements with the Republican National Committee in an effort to raise money for his presidential campaign, the national party and down-ballot races.

In statements Tuesday night, the RNC and the presumptive GOP nominee announced they would be establishing two joint fundraising ventures, one called the Trump Victory committee and another named the Make America Great Again committee. The former will be an effort spearheaded by the RNC, Trump’s campaign, and 11 state Republican parties; the latter will raise funds between the RNC and Donald J. Trump for President.

Individuals will be able to contribute a maximum of $449,400 — a cap that far exceeds the $2,700 donation maximum for presidential campaigns. (In comparison, Hillary Clinton’s joint fundraising committee with the Democratic National Committee and various state parties can raise more than $350,000 from an individual. The Hillary Victory Fund, established in August, has already raised more than $60 million through the end of March.)

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