Donald Trump expressed that he would not approve the AT&T and Time Warner merger if elected president. “Deals like this destroy democracy,” said Trump during a rally in Gettysburg, Pa., on Saturday, where he discussed what he would do in the first 100 days of his presidency.

Trump also said he would like to break up the Comcast-NBCUniversal merger. He opened up his speech, claiming the election is “rigged” against him and expressed that members of the media “lie and fabricate stories to make a candidate they don’t like look as bad and dangerous as possible.”

The AT&T deal, which has been valued at $85 billion, has not been finalized and would be subject to regulatory approval. Comcast was denied in its effort to buy Time Warner Cable.

Trump reiterated his plans to build an anti-immigration wall at the border, which Mexico would “reimburse.” In his “closing arguments,” he said that he would deport, without delay, immigrants imprisoned for violent crimes and revoke the visa rights for countries who refuse to take back their citizens.

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