Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told Chuck Todd and Meet the Press on Sunday the United States should send ground troops to the Middle East to take oil revenue away from the Islamic State.

Trump said Iraq’s oil fields should be seized to prevent ISIS from profiting.

It is estimated ISIS controls around 10% of the country’s oil rigs and sells the stolen oil at lower than market prices on an international black market.

Trump said the Iraqis should be given “something” from their oil fields and added “we should definitely take back money for our soldiers” wounded in the invasion of Iraq.

“We’ve had soldiers that were so badly hurt and killed,” he said. “I want their families to get something. Wounded warriors all over the place. They got nothing. And they can’t even say we had a victory.

Last month Trump told Newmax TV he would “bomb the hell” out of ISIS if elected to the White House.

“I would attack the oil. I would take away their source of power,” he said. “I would take away their source of wealth. You will defeat ISIS.”

Earlier this month Donald Trump told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program that in order to take out ISIS troops would be required.

“I would knock out the source of their wealth, the primary sources of their wealth, which is oil,” he said. “And in order to do that, you would have to put boots on the ground. I would knock the hell out of them, but I’d put a ring around it and I’d take the oil for our country.”

Trump currently leads in the polls. Most put him at 25%, more than double his nearest competitor. Jeb Bush and most of the other contenders are in the single digits. Only Ben Carson approaches Trump at 12%.

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