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March 5, 2010

It’s happening. We weren’t sure how, when, or where it would happen, but it is. What exactly is “it”? Allow me a few moments to explain.

With the 2010 elections on the horizon, I’m seeing a lot more people involved in the process this time around. I post comments in a number of different sites and the conclusion is becoming overwhelmingly similar. People no longer trusting either the Republicans or Democrats and are seeking alternatives.

I’m not going to criticize the Tea Party movement, since that was the beginning of all of this. What the Tea Parties allowed was for people to go gather peacefully into the streets, as to protest this ever growing, intrusive, overtaxing, spend happy, self-serving government. Republicans and Democrats were instrumental in creating policies and global agreements that sent the majority of the United States middle class jobs overseas. I truly believe that people woke up when they noticed it was their jobs leaving, which have yet to show a sign of returning to our shores. The Tea Parties represented righteous anger, but displayed by peaceful means. The Obama Joker posters were a great example of that.

The Democrats were smug in thinking that they didn’t have to pay attention to the Tea Parties. The Republicans, battered from the 2008 elections saw it as an opportunity to snag people to “their side”. So, as in any war tactic, the Republicans infiltrated the Tea Party, via all the (Glenn) Beckkies. (In a future posting, I plan to talk about neo-libertarianism, which is exemplified by Glenn Beck.)

These are the sort of people I saw at the Cuyahoga Falls tea party, last year. These were genuine, well-meaning citizens concerned about the direction the politics and politicians in the United States were taking us. These were honest citizens who were awakening to the fact that they didn’t want to be taken any more, but wanted to direct where we should be taken. Spirited individuals arrived, united peacefully. Then the infiltrators appeared (aka Republican Party).

Every speaker had a connection to the Republican Party, yet no one who was a libertarian or Constitutionalist could give any of the key note speeches. In short, it was a complete co-opt, which we didn’t need a bone head like Nancy Pelosi to tell us that.

Even the Republican mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, Don Robart, who was implementing reckless eminent domain land grabs locally, was the first to speak about responsible government. By the grace of God, his speaker “went out momentarily”, to people hearing me yelling at him to explain his support of eminent domain. One of the tea party members was attempting to silence me and I noticed them getting a police officer over to where I was. Even though this had the appearance of freedom and liberty, that action told me it was nothing more than business as usual, orchestrated by the Republican Party.

This was not the situation of getting secondhand info. Personally seeing and hearing the talks, I knew immediately that the Republican Party “believed” they were the anointed shepherd to the flock that gathered. Opposition should be quickly silenced or the Wizard behind the curtain would be exposed. Again, the intentions of those gathered were pure and honest. Unfortunately, the Republicans were there to simply fleece the flock.

The mainstream media then got into the act, dismissing the Tea Parties as just a trend. Then, we had an election, where the country was interested in seeing who would get the vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts. Was the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, the result of all the Tea Parties? I would say “yes”, yet there’s a caveat here.

When the Republicans got their “chosen one” in Massachusetts, what was the first thing he did? He voted with the Dems on their legislation. Gee, what a great victory for the Republicans! Woo hoo! What a disappointment for the Tea Party patriots. The main thing I want to stress to the Tea Party people is that they went back and trusted that one of the two major parties cared about their concerns. That was ultimately the downfall.

The Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than Coke and Pepsi in the political world. Most people think they need to choose one or the other, instead of asking if there’s anything else. A third party is the “anything else”. Having voted for Constitution Party candidates in the last two Presidential elections, I can assure you that my decision was not Coke or Pepsi, but clear, natural spring water, which was refreshing and satisfying. Are you following me? People want something refreshing that is transparent, not more of the choice of damaging, murky, sugar water.

What does all of this have to do with the title of this posting? The Republicans and Democrats are arriving at the understanding that people are longing and opting for the spring water. And, they are scared. They are scared to death to lose their amalgamated power grip on its electorate, with all the money and perks their positions hold.

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Their people are currently infiltrating the blogosphere. Republican blog plants are telling us that we don’t need a third party candidate, because “their person” is good enough to defeat the Democrats. The Democrats are saying that Obama and this Democrat Party controlled Congress just “needs a chance” and stick with them, so those bad Republicans don’t get in again.

Being that I follow the Constitution and libertarian minded candidates, I see more of the Republican infiltrators where my thoughts are posted. They try to convince us that our third party cannot work and is not good for the United States. They use the fear that it only allows more Democrats to get into office. They try to convince us that if the Republicans got in office, we’d return to the days of Reagan. They think we’re unpatriotic for wanting to promote someone with strong Constitutional and libertarian values. The more “they think and try”, the more their agenda is becoming more obvious. They’re aware that a third party can succeed and will disrupt the business as usual government mentality. One of the people (where I post my thoughts), named Bill, uses these very arguments to try to sway us back to the Republican Party. The upside is that, through his writings, he’s coming from a place of fear and not confidence. In one comment posting, I mentioned the following thoughts.

“People like Bill are much needed. Look how solid our beliefs and convictions are. We have something more than the R&D parties, since we don’t parrot top down talking points, neo-con or ultra-left speak, or follow personality over principles. We are not morally, spiritually, or intellectually bankrupt like the major two parties are.”

“As mentioned before, they’re scared. Bill is proof we are winning and can succeed. They’re panicking and that’s awesome! And if Bill ever comes around, we know he’s going to be well-versed in what the Constitution Party and its core people are all about.”

“We are the future and the R&D parties know they cannot stop it this time around.”

“A third party can work, especially this time around, because people are seeing single party politics in DC. At one time, the Republicans were a third party. Jesse Ventura’s (governor) victory in MN showed us that people are open to this idea. It’s a matter of standing united and to stop getting caught into the left/right paradigm conversations that Bill wants us engaged in. Again, he’s well-spoken, but is trying to save his party by bringing the Constitutionalists over.”

The whole Patriot Act, enacted by Republicans and Democrats, proved to me that both parties had complete contempt for the Constitution. It didn’t protect our borders and imposed restrictions on the United States citizens, who didn’t do anything wrong. It was everything in the Omnibus Crime Bill that Clinton couldn’t get through, but amazingly, Bush was able to. There was no need for us to surrender our liberties, just because some horrid action occurred.

Remember how long the Patriot Act was and how quickly it was enacted? Remember that a document, which was that intrusive, only was given about an hour of debate? Remember this was all about fighting terrorism and catching the “bad guys”? The US can do a better job of tracking a DVD through Wal-Mart than they can in finding one person with a whole armed forces looking for him? Is anyone still buying this line of crap? Anyhow, back to the R&D issues.

Since I’ve been alive, it’s only been Republicans and Democrats. Both have held their respective majority (at one time or another), yet look at where we are today. The Republic is barely showing a heartbeat. It’s the true patriots that are the modern minutemen of this movement. I think about the Republic and not which party is in power. I’m asking others to begin doing the same.

As we say, the lesser of two evils still leaves one with evil. I don’t want evil anymore. I’m done! That’s why I support the Constitution Party platform and its candidates. I would request to anyone reading this, to seek out their alternative to this two party system. And, research your candidates. It’s your duty to follow everything they say and challenge them when they appear to be doing nothing more than telling people what they want to hear. If you hear contradictory comments from that candidate, your radar should be on high. At that point, scrutinize if you can live with knowing that. But be aware, if you do, you’re back to a lesser of two evils mentality.

I have a new motto.

“What happens in DC, should stay in DC, because we don’t want a damn thing to do with it!”

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