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April 18, 2012

People living through change rarely comprehend its significance. Things happen slowly, so slowly that few observers are able to relate seemingly disjointed events to one another. Once the end result occurs, the patterns and causal relationships become apparent. Then we understand how what seemed like unrelated events were not. However, then it is too late.

The nature of man, particularly in our un- or under-educated age is to understand history based on what happened yesterday, last week or in some other recent time block. Our understanding, contrary to the truly educated, tends toward the experiential. If we or our parents never experienced something, it is inconceivable. It cannot happen so there is no need to consider or worry about it. Sadly, this ignorance is how tragedies happen and civilizations die.

Reader Harold, in response to the “The Tragedy of Ben Bernanke,” expresses his own view of the process that is subtly (and not so subtly) unfolding in this country:

The phrase “Bernanke has been used as a pawn” pretty much covers the scope of the problem all governments face in most of the Western Nations. I contend the uncontrolled spending runs deeper with a hidden agenda that is not being revealed to the public. If you use the national defense act bill, of which; became law and passed by both houses with a 90% vote, as an example of control, you then must consider something really “BIG’ is going to happen. It is almost like watching the movie “2012″ in real life. Gentle Ben is a “PAWN” and nothing more. He does not control Congress or the Executive office, and he is not naive. Someone is pulling the strings and we { all USA citizens} sit and do nothing? This situation reminds me when I visited the concentration capmps in Germany 1960 and talked to the main caretakers, and the all said the average citizen could not, and would not make waves against those in autority or they would be arested! On trumped up charges, thrown into jail. No trial, no judge, so they did nothing to create waves in fear of being arrested and jailed. I can give you examples in the USA, where some poor sole had his house foreclosed, and the government (IRS) stated they owed ($$$$$) because of income they would otherwise gotten if their home was paid according to the terms of the loan. Jesus H Christ! I could go on and on, but I think you have the picture. We are now facing the same fate at Germany did in the 1930,s and all the recent laws, and executive orders have paved the path of a government in total control.

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