Plane confirmed to be Boeing E-6B out of Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.
July 3, 2013

Infowars confirmed that an ominous aircraft, which scared onlookers as it barely flew above the spires of downtown Austin, Texas, is a Boeing E-6B (based on the 707-320) operating out of Tinker Air Force base in Oklahoma.

Radio host Alex Jones reported seeing the doomsday plane dangerously loiter around downtown before it flew to another part of the Texas capital.

Tinker Air Force Base’s public affairs spokesperson said that the flight was part of a routine training exercise. When asked about the exact nature of the exercise, she declined to comment.

The flight is reminiscent of the 2009 Boeing 747 “Photo Op” incident in Manhattan, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg called ill-conceived and a waste of tax money.

That 747 reminded New Yorkers of 9/11.

KXAN, a local news station, claims that the E-6B was only performing touch-and-go take-offs and landings; however, this statement fails to explain why the four-engined aircraft, with a reported wing span of 148 feet, flew so close to buildings.

The Boeing E-6B serves the U.S. Navy as an airborne communications relay and command post.

More interestingly, the E-6B is utilized for Operation Looking Glass, the airborne command center of U.S. nuclear forces in the event that primary, ground-base command becomes inoperable.

Another similar incident occurred in Austin not very long ago.

Late last year, a low flying, EPA-owned plane skirted through downtown Austin, reportedly recording radiation and chemicals in a government “effort” to “keep us safe.”

If government officials intended to scare the population with the doomsday air show, they certainly met that goal.

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