David Kramer
LRC Blog
September 7, 2020

In this TED presentation, Banksters Puppet Gordon Brown promotes his Masters’ plan for a One World Fascist Government by reciting his broken record slogan “global problems require global (TRANSLATION: One World Government) solutions.” Of course, to Gordon Brown-nose, the biggest global “problem” is “man-made” global warming. For me, the only man-made global problem will be One World Government when it finally reaches its full fruition. (I believe it is already here, albeit in its early stage.) It’s fascinating to hear him mix certain positive ideas with his socialist negative ideas, e.g., the end of slavery and Fascism (only the right-wing kind, of course) with the creation of the welfare state and socialist security. At the end, he blatantly states his dream: global institutions for the environment (TRANSLATION: Big Corporation cap-and-trade), finance (TRANSLATION: a One World Bankster-created counterfeit currency), and security (TRANSLATION: a One World Army).

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