Infowars is proud to announce the official Infowars Live app, available now for iPhone and Android.


Infowars Live allows you to watch a live, high-definition feed of the Alex Jones Show 24/7 and get the latest, breaking Infowars reports straight to your phone.

Want to read the latest exclusive on Or do you want to catch up on world news? Now you can do so with Infowars Live anywhere you go!

You can browse the news, share content and more! And, best of all, it’s free to download!

The app is brand new – this is the first release – and it was completely built from the ground up.

And by downloading the app, you’re supporting the independent media – the real media that has the people’s interests in mind and not the establishment’s.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 68% of Americans do not have great or even a fair amount of trust in the mainstream media – and we’ve seen example after example of cable news outlets attempting to deceive you, the audience.

“More Americans than ever are losing faith in the establishment-controlled media and are seeking out alternative sources of information,” journalist Michael Snyder wrote. “Is this a trend that the big media companies are going to be able to reverse at some point?”

That’s not likely because the mainstream media is being covertly manipulated by well-financed political forces who are trying to sway public opinion in an unnatural direction that only serves establishment agendas.

But Infowars Live is the solution to the controlled press that is rapidly losing influence.

So download Infowars Live today at and learn what’s really going instead of being spoonfed lies by the mainstream media!

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