Talk radio host Dr. Drew warned Americans that Los Angeles’ growing homeless and rodent populations could lead to a resurgence of the bubonic Plague.

Speaking with Dilbert creator Scott Adams, Dr. Drew explained how he predicted the current typhus outbreak infecting Los Angeles residents and said bubonic plague is similarly endemic to the area.

Both typhus and bubonic plague can be spread to humans from rodents and the combination of the city’s massive rat infestation and increasing numbers of homeless people sets the stage for a major outbreak.

In fact, the last outbreak of bubonic plague in America took place in Los Angeles from 1924-25 and was stopped by doctors who, according to Drew, gave a “heroic effort.”

With today’s technology allowing the millions of people in the Los Angeles area to travel far and fast, it would be nearly impossible to prevent a new outbreak from spreading.

California’s surge of illegal aliens, thanks to sanctuary state policies, must also be taken into consideration as Alex Jones has reported on in the past.

Watch an April 2019 segment of The Alex Jones Show below where AJ warns about the dangerous situation:

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