July 12, 2010

Aspartame: The Pentagon listed it as a biochemical warfare agent, and the FDA gave its approval as a sweetener used in over 6,000 foods. Its producers, Ajinomoto, have rebranded the artificial sweetener several times (most recently dubbed “AminoSweet”) in an effort to advertise it as a natural, harmless substance. Nonetheless there have been over 10,000 official complaints to the FDA about aspartame reactions. Dr. Joseph Mercola delves into the dangers of “America’s Deadliest Sweetener” in an article for the Huffington Post.

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The most common symptoms of aspartame overdose include headaches, mood alterations, and gastrointestinal symptoms. However side effects of the toxic sweetener can also mimic the following conditions: multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, panic disorder, lupus, birth defects, Lyme disease, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, attention deficit disorder, and lymphoma (just to name a few).

Dr. Mercola also warns of the dangers of diet sodas and low-calorie foods:

“Drinking diet soda increases your risk of metabolic syndrome, and may double your risk of obesity–the complete opposite of the stated intention behind these ‘zero calorie’ drinks. The sad truth is that diet foods and drinks ruin your body’s ability to count calories, and in fact stimulate your appetite, thus boosting your inclination to overindulge.” (

While aspartame is made up of all-natural amino acids, these acids are used dangerously when consumed in mass quantities. When aspartame enters a person’s body, it increases dopamine levels in the brain, which can lead to symptoms of depression by disrupting the brain’s serotonin/dopamine balance.

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