A car drove into a large crowd of mostly children in Sweden, injuring two people, according to police.

The incident, which took place near Karlshamn at 1 p.m. local time on Tuesday, left two children hurt as they attended a social walk with roughly 100 other kids and their teachers.

A police spokesman said the driver appeared to target the group deliberately, forcing the children to throw themselves out of the way of the vehicle, the Daily Express reported.

Said to be driving 25mph at the time, the car, described as a black or dark blue Saab, was driving at around 25mph when it hit the crowd.

“He drove into two of the students,” the police spokesman said. “One was injured on the wrist and possibly the other student was also injured.”

Police, who noted that the vehicle fled the scene moments after, confirmed an investigation was underway and requested the public provide any relevant information .

Witnesses on scene were reportedly unable to catch a good glimpse of the driver and were unsure whether the perpetrator was male or female.

Based on initial reporting, police have not commented on whether or not they believe the incident to be terror related.

In April of last year, a 39-year-old Uzbek man used a stolen truck to kill four people and wound 15 others after driving into a crowd in Stockholm.

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