Jeff Nesbit
US News and World Report
April 25, 2013

The drone wars are coming to America.

While most of us are aware of the lethal Predator drones that target terrorists outside the United States, not many know that this very same technology (minus the missiles) is coming to America in a big way to aid police and homeland security departments operating across the United States.

And, depending on your perspective, the rapid uptake of drones to track illegal immigrants at the border, detect drug smuggling or track criminal activity in high-risk neighborhoods is either a boon to public safety or a grave risk to privacy.

The reason the use of drones in cities is poised to become widespread is because Congress has required the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to loosen its regulations on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones for domestic surveillance purposes and allow more drones in domestic airspace by 2015. [10 Ways the Government Watches You]

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