May 30, 2012

Since it was posted on May 29 – just over 24 hours ago – Alex’s Drones Shot Down Over Texas has gone viral on his YouTube channel. It has received over 100,000 views. The video is the rollout of his series, Brothers in Arms, available exclusively for members.

The Department of Homeland Security has doled out our tax money to arm cops around the nation with UAVs that will eventually rival military counterparts patrolling and killing in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. Police say they will use the vehicles to locate missing children and will respect our right to be left alone, but we know better – the drones will be employed as aerial snoop devices and eventually killer machines under the aegis of the NDAA that now permits our Constitution-busting president to target American citizens. If you want to know who the government considers enemies of the state, look no further than the DHS’s own “rightwing extremist” document.

Charles Kruthammer was right on when he said the first person who exercises the Second Amendment and blasts a government drone out of the wild blue yonder will become a folk hero. It is only a matter of time before drones violate our natural right to privacy and the Fourth Amendment. The FAA says they will clear the decks for the drones by 2015.

Alex Jones’ celebration of American gun culture – a culture that is now beginning to experience a renaissance in response to efforts by the government to chisel away at the Second Amendment – is on full display in Brothers In Arms.

Check out the video. And then catch the series on

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