Media pioneer Matt Drudge weighed in on the tech industry’s unprecedented moves against Infowars by remarking Thursday on Alex Jones’ resilience.

In a comment on Twitter, Drudge, founder of the highly-trafficked, noted that despite recent events, Jones continues to operate at full force.

“Takes a licking and keeps on ticking…” Drudge said.

The news kingpin has provided over the past several days wall-to-wall coverage as major tech companies ban Infowars content for alleged and unspecified policy violations.

As of publication, Infowars has either been banned or reprimanded by services including Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Google Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Audioboom, Pinterest, MailChimp, Stitcher, Disqus, Sprout Social, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vimeo, Shopify and Criteo.

The anti-Infowars campaign has also led to numerous media outlets spreading false allegations and news stories claiming Jones recently called for violence against the media.

Despite attempts by mainstream press outlets and tech companies to stifle content, interest in Infowars website and the Alex Jones Show has skyrocketed.

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