Alternative media giant Matt Drudge took to Twitter Thursday in a rare social media outing to float questions about whether the government is exaggerating the intensity of Hurricane Matthew.

“The deplorables are starting to wonder if govt has been lying to them about Hurricane Matthew…” Drudge tweeted, suggesting that the motivation was to make “an exaggerated point on climate”.

Drudge followed up the first tweet with another pointing out that there is no way for anyone to verify the claims of 165mph winds being claimed by the Hurricane Center.

The creator of The Drudge Report went on to ask his followers to take control of monitoring the Hurricane, and help get out the truth about the danger it poses.

Drudge further tweeted the following:

These last two tweets were later deleted. However, Drudge regularly purges his twitter account of everything he tweets.

Reports over the past few days of the Category 4 storm gaining in strength prompted President Obama to declare a state of emergency in Florida, which paves the way for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Emergency and Management Agency (FEMA) to step in and override State and local authorities.

“This is likely the largest and most powerful hurricane to hit the United States in a decade or so,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said earlier Thursday.

In addition, Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued an evacuation order, urging Floridians to “Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate,” warning that “This is going to kill people.”

With a lack of visual evidence of the intensity of the storm, many began to question whether it was being used by the government for political purposes, or even as an excuse for a Martial law type drill.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) slammed Drudge, urging his twitter followers to ignore the comments:

Drudge took heat on twitter, and from the usual left leaning government mouthpieces for pointing out that some Americans believe the storm is being exaggerated.

The Huffington Post ran a story with the headline Matt Drudge’s Hurricane Theory Takes Conspiracies To A Dangerous Level:

While Media Matters ran with Matt Drudge Peddles Irresponsible Conspiracy Theory Downplaying Deadly Hurricane Matthew:

The website, which has been outed as a direct White House mouthpiece, then slammed Alex Jones for responding to Drudge’s tweets, claiming “Conspiracy theorist and Trump ally Alex Jones re-tweeted Matt Drudge, expressing support and agreement with his dangerous hurricane conspiracy while adding the white supremacist “altright” hashtag”

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