Matt Drudge, the independent media proprietor who runs the influential, is calling out what hundreds of fawning liberal reporters have overlooked in their support of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, her hairpiece.

On his highly-trafficked news aggregator site and in a series of tweets, the media pioneer obsessed with exposing the Clinton dynasty wants to know if it’s yet safe to talk about the former secretary of state’s fake hair.






During a special appearance on the Alex Jones Show last month, the media mogul discussed how journalists seem timid to probe into Clinton, and discussed how the presidential candidate, at nearly 70 years old, should not be a viable contender.

“Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers? … Where’s the coverup on this?” Drudge asked. “So many issues that are suppressed on a daily basis.”

“She is not a viable, vibrant leader for this country of 300–including the illegals, 380 million–Americans. So the media is trying to put us to sleep.”

Watch Drudge’s full interview with Alex Jones below:

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