Editor’s Note: Infowars first broke this story on Wednesday, March 28th.

The Drudge Report has picked up the story about Infowars contributor and Davos insider Ted Malloch being detained by the FBI while flying to the US from London, linking to a piece from The Guardian.

Via The Guardian:

Malloch said in a statement on Thursday – after he was released – that his role on the Trump campaign was informal and unpaid, that he had only met with Stone on three occasions and never alone, and that he knew nothing about Wikileaks and had never visited the Ecuadorian embassy.

He said the agents confiscated his mobile phone and told him it would be taken to Washington DC for a “full assessment”.

“I was unfazed and very dubious about why they thought I knew anything,” he said. He also suggested in the statement that prosecutors could have read a not yet published book that alleged a conspiracy was underway to undermine Trump’s presidency, a book he said clearly troubled the “deep state”.

“I did … find it objectionable to treat me the way they had, as I was entering my home country, where I am a citizen,” Malloch said. “They did not need to use such tactics or intimidation. I was a US patriot and would do anything and everything to assist the government and I had no information that I believed was relevant.”

As we reported, Mueller’s Russia investigation is turning into a bona fide witch hunt, and this development is further proof of that.

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