In a rare tweet, prominent news aggregator Matt Drudge suggested Tuesday that President Trump should organise a ‘military march’ in response to a show of power by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Drudge rarely tweets, and when he does, the posts are usually deleted within 24 hours. It is unclear whether the latest tweet was tongue in cheek or serious.

“Trump needs a military march…” the tweet reads, with a link to a Daily Mail story about the Russian Victory Day military parade in Moscow.

During the ceremony, 10,000 troops marched through Red Square with 114 units of military equipment, including for the first time Tor and Pantsir mobile surface-to-air missiles.

“Plans to send 72 aircraft overhead were defeated by the weather – despite the Kremlin spending £1.3 million to spike the clouds with a chemical cocktail to supposedly guarantee sunshine.” the report reads.

The parade marked the 72nd anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. It is estimated that 27 million Soviet soldiers and civilians were killed in defeating the Nazis.

During a speech at the ceremony, Vladimir Putin warned that global disunity, similar to the political climate of today, allowed Hitler’s forces to start World War II. Putin further noted that that the lessons of the past should not be ignored.

“This horrific tragedy could not be prevented, first and foremost, because of the connivance of the criminal ideology of racial superiority, because of the disunity of the world’s leading countries. This allowed the Nazis to appropriate themselves the right to decide the fate of other peoples, to unleash the most brutal, bloody war, to enslave almost all European countries, putting them at the service of their deadly targets,” the Russian leader said

“The triumphant victory over this terrible totalitarian force will remain in human history forever as the highest point of the triumph of life and mind over death and barbarity,” Putin urged

“The lessons of the past war urge us to be vigilant…But to effectively combat terrorism, extremism, neo-Nazism, and other threats, consolidation of the entire international community is necessary,” Putin also stated.

The Russian parade comes on the heels of a similar show of force by North Korea. However, some suggested that the missiles paraded in front of Kin Jong Un were crude fakes.

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