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February 13, 2008

Dublin City Council yesterday announced it will use taxpayers money to launch covert operations, not to target criminals but ordinary people. The Council will be setting up a futurist police state in Dublin this year. Extracts (below) from the Irish Independent reports, mobile CCTV surveillance operations, undercover agents enforced by Gardai, “Litter bins will be mapped using satellite technology”.

With the introduction of the ‘littering tip-off system’ people will be encouraged to watch their innocent neighbor and report “suspicious” minor activates like dropping a piece of paper. In the U.S they are using hyped up daily fear of terrorism for their public to ’snitch’ on each other. Just like the U.S, Ireland is introducing a ‘big brother’ 1984 paranoid spying society by using littering as their pretext instead of terrorism. Resident associations will be informed “and Gardai will be drafted to help in specific enforcement campaigns”.

Irish Independent

Big Brother is watching you.

Dublin City Council… is to mount covert operations aimed at catching offenders.

Mobile CCTV units and officials working undercover will mount surveillance operations to police blackspots, including Clontarf and Sandymount strands, as part of its efforts to catch offenders. The city plans to step up its enforcement activity and has promised more prosecutions and fines.

The new regime was revealed yesterday in the council’s Litter Management Plan 2008-2011.

Yesterday a range of new measures aimed at tackling litter were proposed. They include:

– A name and shame campaign will be extended to include businesses, public bodies and individuals found littering, and a list of prosecuted offenders will be published annually.

Residents’ associations will also be provided with free litter-picking equipment and bags, and gardai will be drafted to help in specific enforcement campaigns against graffiti and litter.

A littering tip-off system will also be introduced, where people will be able to report illegal dumping via a website or through mobile phones.

Litter bins will be mapped using satellite technology to show the distribution of the bins across the city…

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