Farage’s communications advisor, Dan Jukes, added further fuel to the fire by tweeting an from the Sunday Times which says that it is the DUP themselves who could put pressure on Theresa May to bring him into the fold to alleviate the fears of Brexiteers who rightly feel the issue they campaigned so hard for is now under threat because the Tories saw it as a vehicle to increase their Parliamentary majority.

The job, which could also come with the offer of a peerage, would see Farage at the top table facing across from the likes of including Guy Verhofstadt and Jean-Claude Juncker. Oh how they’d love that.

Nigel has always said he would put country before party to deliver Brexit, so perhaps it’s time for Theresa May to have a big slice of humble pie and invite Nigel round for a cuppa? When it comes to knowledge of the EU system, big Brussels beasts and Brexit in general, no one understands this stuff better than Mr. Brexit himself.

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