Jurriaan Maessen
November 26, 2009

In an incredible reversal of fact and fiction the Dutch Environmental minister Jacqueline Cramer claimed today that the hackers who took the data from University of East-Anglia’s server “manipulated the numbers”, supposedly to sabotage the upcoming Copenhagen conference.

Dutch Environmental minister Jacqueline Cramer.

Although nobody disputes the authenticity of the e-mails, Cramer apparently does. In addition to her bizarre statement that the unknowns, after hacking into the University’s computer, somehow “changed the numbers” she even goes so far as to scream out loud: “this is just criminal. It’s unacceptable.”

Although the authenticity of the e-mails unearthed is not even disputed by the scientists who wrote them, Cramer claims they are. According to several Dutch newspapers she also added that the action by the hackers is regarded as of little consequence by the climate negotiators who gather in Copenhagen next month. She also added that she has no problem engaging climate skeptics, “but not like this.”

In response to the accusations by Cramer, Holland’s biggest newspaper De Telegraaf now reports that a member of the Dutch opposition party PVV is urging the minister to explain herself in her turn regarding the obvious fudging with climate data by the IPCC-affiliated climate research unit (translation is by PrisonPlanet.Forum member Squarepusher):


“I want to know”, stated PVV-member De Mos, “if minister Cramer does not find it despicable that people have been so utterly misled.”

Dutch geophysicist Hans Erren concurs. “This is very damning”, Erren told De Telegraaf, uttering furthermore his complete disdain for this “clique of politically motivated scientists that try to get rid of everything that does not fit their ideology.”

Now what on earth could provoke the minister to carelessly and bizarrely lie about the hackers and the data uncovered by them? The answer is: only one with an interest to perpetuate the global warming hoax. Who else would claim right off the bat that the data was fixed by the hackers?

Here’s a hint. Last month the very same environmental minister who is now angrily railing against the hackers, addressed the Club of Rome’s Global Assembly gathering held in Amsterdam in the run-up to Copenhagen. In the company of Queen Beatrix and Michael Gorbachev, she stated:

“Like so many of you, I was inspired by the Club of Rome to pursue a green career. I read the Limits to Growth as a young biology student in 1972.”

After this remarkable confession by the current environmental minister, Cramer continues worshiping the 1972 publication, saying that:

“After I had digested its importance, I couldn’t wait to do my part to help save the planet. I have no regrets that I went green- it has been a lifelong challenge and adventure.”

After calling for a “global strategy”, she stated:

“Club of Rome, thank you. You identified and put the spotlight on humankind’s predicament. And more than that. You inspire me and many, many others to take collective action. And to create an environmentally conscious movement representing all layers of society. I firmly believe that we can only transit to a sustainable economy through such a collective action. Now it is up to all of us to implement the solutions. And of course I will do my part.”

She sure does. Even when it means throwing ludicrous statements out there in the hope that someone will take her word for it.

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