Mike Judge’s 2006 cult classic Idiocracy predicted our cultural downfall so accurately that elements of the dystopian society depicted in the movie are already manifesting in 2014 America.

The plot of the film revolves around a U.S. Army Corporal who is selected for a suspended animation experiment only to be forgotten for 500 years, at which point he re-emerges into a dystopian society where cultural and anti-intellectualism dominate as a dumbed-down, irresponsible and unthinking population live amongst their own trash.

RIght at the start of the film the narrator states that the most popular movie at this time is called “Ass” and consists of nothing more than video footage of a man’s buttocks for 90 minutes.

Given that an image of Kim Kardashian’s buttocks has captured global attention and become a topic of international conversation over the past two days, how far away are we from resembling a society which embraces the intellectual bankruptcy depicted in Idiocracy?

Our new national obsession with butts isn’t the only way in which contemporary America is mirroring Idiocracy.

As Cory Dudak points out in his article, 10 Things Idiocracy Predicted Would Happen and Sadly Already Have, “Some of the film’s notions of where we’re to end up are already on the fast track to becoming reality.”

Dudak points to numerous examples in advertising, television, technology, the food industry, language and music which almost mirror some of the satirical elements seen in Idiocracy.

During an interview conducted by Alex Jones last year, Mike Judge, the creator of King of the Hill and Beavis & Butt-Head, told Jones that many aspects of Idiocracy were already coming to pass.

“I was thinking about the way evolution works, there’s no predators now,” said Judge. “So it started with that but then I was actually in line with my daughters in 2001 at Disneyland at the teacups ride….there was a woman behind me who had this altercation with another woman, they both have their kids in strollers and they just start going off ‘I’m gonna kick your ass’….I’m thinking this isn’t what Disney had in mind.”

“I was thinking so what if this movie 2001 instead of everything being monolith and pristine and advanced, what if it was just like the Jerry Springer show and giant Wal-Marts, so I was thinking just take that chart from when it was made now and project it out and see where that would go,” said Judge, adding, “a lot of the stuff that’s in there is maybe starting to happen now instead of 500 years from now.”

Where do you think humanity is heading? Are we going to make it to the stars or is our future going to be held back by social engineers who have brainwashed armies of morons to think that staring at Kim Kardashian’s ass is a valuable way to spend their time?

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