The internal battle for control of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum appears to have been sparked by division over the Republican presidential primary, but the stakes are much bigger than that, contends one of the conservative icon’s sons, activist and lawyer Andy Schlafly.

“This battle is a lot more than a battle between Cruz and Trump,” he told WND. “It’s a battle over the future of the conservative movement.”

As WND reported, Phyllis Schlafly survived what she and her supporters described as a coup attempt by six members of the 501(c)4, educationally oriented non-profit Eagle Forum organization who oppose her support of GOP front-runner Donald Trump. The six board members, who support Cruz, are Eunie Smith, Anne Cori, Cathie Adams, Rosina Kovar, Shirley Curry and Carolyn McLarty. Cori is one of Phyllis Schlafly’s daughters.

Andy Schlafly charged that several of the six opposition board members “are not conservative at all” on social issues.

“I acknowledge the six board members in opposition are all Cruz supporters, but their opposition has broad ramifications that go well beyond a contest between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz,” he argued.

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