Kurt Nimmo
October 15, 2012

According to a FEMA press release, more than a million people will take part in “Drop, Cover, and Hold On,” an earthquake drill to be held after the first anniversary of the M5.9 Mineral, Virginia earthquake.

photoGraffiti in the 7th Ward, New Orleans, 2008. Photo: Infrogmation of New Orleans.

“We were reminded last year that earthquakes can and do happen anywhere.  Everyone should make plans and take actions to ensure that disasters do not become catastrophes and this drill is an excellent start,” said FEMA Region III Acting Regional Administrator Robert Welch.

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia “are encouraging their schools, businesses, organizations, government agencies, communities, and households to participate in this historic event,” the press release states.

FEMA claims nearly 11 million people around the world will participate in the Great ShakeOut.

“There are many ways for individuals, businesses, schools, faith-based organizations, community groups, scouts, and others to participate in the ShakeOut, to get prepared for earthquakes, and to share activities with others,” the FEMA website states.

“Drop, Cover, and Hold On” is another effort to keep the “federal family” relevant and integrate “state, tribal and territorial partners” into FEMA’s continuity of government agenda designed to be activated following a declaration of martial law.

As the agency’s response during Hurricane Katrina revealed, it is not tasked with helping the American people following natural disasters. “It’s no longer designed to meet the needs of a natural disaster but, rather, to advance the political agenda of the current regime,” Mike Whitney wrote in 2005.

FEMA is an unconstitutional government organization established by presidential executive fiat during the Kennedy administration. Under Executive Order 12148, the agency interfaces with the Department of Defense and is tasked with emergency preparedness and civil defense.

During the reign of Jimmy Carter, FEMA’s powers were consolidated to incorporate the National Security Act of 1947, which allows for the “strategic relocation of industries, services, government and other essential economic activities, and to rationalize the requirements for manpower, resources and production facilities.” writes Harry V. Martin.

FEMA was designed to establish and enforce martial law. “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” and other programs primarily provide public relations cover and function as bait and switch operations to mask the agency’s real mandate.

“FEMA is the Patriot Act on crack,” writes Sheila Samples. “Once its powers are unleashed, Oliver North’s REX 84 ‘exercise’ will become a reality. The Constitution will be suspended and FEMA will have the right to detain or seize the property of anyone even suspected of engaging in, or who might be thinking of conspiring with others to engage in acts of espionage or sabotage.”

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