Recent reports have stated that the idea that it is necessary to eat breakfast has been funded by companies promoting breakfast foods–however new studies show that eating breakfast can help prevent heart disease, obesity and diabetes. 

Although the idea of breakfast isn’t the most important part, the American Heart Association says.

Instead, it is about eating meals at regular intervals.

Those who do not preplan their meals or eat every few hours often fall prey to overeating or consuming too much junk during the day.

Eating breakfast can also give you a huge energy boost to help you get through your day, so the American Heart Association recommends eating more calories earlier in the day instead of saving big meals for the evening.

The recent research that made the American Heart Association come to its conclusion was conducted by researchers at Columbia University and published in the journal Circulation. 

Those involved pored over studies concerning breakfast and heart disease that had already taken place.

They found that those who eat breakfast everyday are less likely to develop heart disease or become obese. They are also less likely to be diagnosed with diabetes.

Victoria Taylor, a dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said the following about the newfound results:

“In the UK our lifestyles have become more demanding and as a result our meal patterns have become more varied and irregular. Compared with 30 years ago, more meals are skipped or eaten on the go, and later in the day. This study shows that it’s not only what we eat but also when we eat it that affects our risk of heart disease.”

The researchers at Columbia University have also found that eating late at night can cause problems with cardiovascular health and contribute to obesity.

It has also been found that with animals who are given food while they are inactive, often are at more of a risk of gaining weight.

Currently, the American Heart Association and researchers at Columbia do not know exactly why meal timing affects heart health, but they do know it seems that those who eat at frequent intervals are less likely to experience problems.

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