The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first U.S. Ebola diagnosis Tuesday after examining a patient in Dallas, Texas.

The patient, who recently spent time in West Africa according to health officials, has been in isolation at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital since at least the 29th of this month.

CDC officials will hold a press conference to discuss further details at 4:30 p.m. CST. Infowars was unable to reach the CDC for comment.

The announcement comes only days after a top German virologist asserted that five million people would die in Ebola-infected nations within Africa.

Despite recent attempts to reassure the public, the United States government has quietly been preparing for an Ebola outbreak for months.

Just this week, the CDC began advising funeral homes on how to handle the remains of Ebola victims while simultaneously attempting to downplay the threat.

The U.S. State Department ordered 160,000 Hazmat suits specifically for Ebola earlier this month as well.

The confirmation raises questions as to whether the CDC will invoke recently passed emergency measures that give the federal government the authority to detain any healthy American. Similarly, President Obama signed an executive order earlier this year that allows the federal government to detain anyone suspected of carrying any “communicable diseases.”

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