Weeks of worry about Ebola infection ended on Monday for several dozen people who came off watch lists in the United States, but 120 others were still being monitored for symptoms as the U.S. government ramped up its response to the virus.

Forty-three people who had contact with Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with the disease in the United States, were cleared of twice-daily monitoring after showing no symptoms during a 21-day incubation period, the Texas health department said. They included four people who shared an apartment with Duncan and had been in quarantine.

While only three people have been diagnosed with the disease in the United States, the end of monitoring for some could ease widespread anxiety over Ebola in the country, where some lawmakers have called for a travel ban from West Africa to check the spread of the virus.

“There’s no question, today is a milestone day,” Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said at a news conference. “It’s a hurdle that we need to get over, but there are other hurdles to also jump.”

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