An economic analyst who predicted the 2008 financial collapse has spent tens of thousands of dollars stockpiling food as “an insurance policy against chaos” should the coronavirus outbreak cause a global economic collapse.

Jesse Colombo told local news affiliate CBS DFW that the fallout from the virus and not necessarily the virus itself posed the biggest threat to stability.

“My immediate concern is not so much getting coronavirus, it’s more so economic collapse is caused by the coronavirus outbreak,” said Colombo. “Ever since the global financial crisis hit, that was a wake up call to me that I need to be prepared,” he added.

Colombo has stockpiled a supply which could last up to 18 months if needed, including 240lbs of rice, innumerable bags of beans, 192 cans of Spam and a 40 days and 40 nights kit that contains formulas for pancakes, rolled oats, miso, superfood, green lentils, brown rice, quinoa, black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans and millet.

“I’ve just cleaned my local Walmart out of its supply of Vienna Sausages and DAK ham. I was definitely getting some interesting looks!” he said in a tweet.

Colombo also has a product that can safely filter up to 100 gallons of fresh water as well as medical kits and face masks.

The financial analyst pointed out that he had been stockpiling food for years but was increasing his supply in response to coronavirus.

As we have previously highlighted, panic buying of food and medical provisions has been taking place in numerous countries worldwide and is only expected to accelerate.


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