Nick Pisa
Mail Online

October 27, 2011

Rising tensions in Italy’s parliament came to a head today as MPs brawled – while controversial prime minister Silvio Berlusconi frantically tried to convince Europe he could save the country from financial meltdown.

The punch up erupted as MPs from the Northern League took on members of the opposition FLI party – headed by Berlusconi’s former ally Gianfranco Fini who split with the sleazy 75-year-old politician following his numerous sex scandals.

The Northern League MPs saw red after Fini appeared on Italian TV to discuss Berlusconi’s proposed pension reforms, which he had agreed with Northern League leader Umberto Bossi – allegedly in return for the prime minister to step down in January and make way for elections.

Speaking on a popular political show Fini had ridiculed Bossi and said that ‘everyone knows his wife retired at 39’ which prompted heckling in parliament from supporters of both men and which eventually led to blows being exchanged in amazing scenes.

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