Kurt Nimmo
July 9, 2010

Ed Schultz of MSNBC is your garden variety liberal — or at least he plays one on TV. Ed says Congress has to demand more money be spent on unemployment and welfare otherwise the United States will become another third-world country.

“This is how third-world countries get started,” Ed bloviates as he takes Harry Reid and the Democrats to task for not demanding more money from trees — or out of thin air.

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Democrats, of course, are simply sticking to the script. It’s part of the grand globalist scheme to reduce Americans to third-world peons. Democrats are on-point. Ed is the counter-point placed before a teleprompter to make things interesting.

Is it possible Ed does not remember the Democrat Bill Clinton signing NAFTA into law back on December 8, 1993? NAFTA was billed as a “free trade” bill. It was a free pass for transnational corporations to move jobs out of the United States to Mexico and then to the slave labor gulag China.

NAFTA, WTO, “Fast Track” legislation, the Free Trade Area of the Americas — these are all globalist schemes to turn America into a third-world cesspool. Borrowing more money from banksters and giving it to the victims will not solve the problem. It plays right into the trap.

Ed does not have any solutions. He is not calling for the Federal Reserve to be dismantled and the financial crooks to be brought before a judge in sharp orange jumpsuits and charged with economic crimes against humanity. His only solution is to lock future generations in more debt and servitude.

Ed’s there to sucker the liberals into supporting more debt ultimately owned to a cartel of international bankers. He’s there to shill for the welfare system that is not only another debt machine but also a control mechanism.

Nothing happening here. Please move along.

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