April 23, 2012

Reporter: Aram Seamus Crow Hanson
Ashland, Oregon

I am using “brainwashing” in a generic sense as a form of mind-control. The term is used causally in this fashion all the time.. No need to split hairs.. As Iserbyt said, techniques to “manipulate the thoughts actions and feelings of the student” and “challenge fixed beliefs.”

Karl Marx made it pretty clear in his poetry who his mentor was… the Devil. Marxism is a seductive trap especially in times when the bankers and wall street criminals are bringing the world to crisis by design. How do you get people to go with Marxism unless you kill the SPIRIT of capitalism first by blatant in your face corruption. They are waving it in our faces..”see what capitalism does” Corzi is an example.. Like allowing blatant theft of billions but still jailing a guy for not wearing a bicycle helmet. . this demoralizing is key to getting people to hate capitalism and love the Neo-Green-Marxist folks who are going too save us all from global warming and the rich. In reality its the same problem solution model,,, “Here folks.. capitalism nearly killed us all and bankrupted the planet, so here is the solution… neo-green-marxism!” In reality the green neo-commy world will be an unbelievable nightmare and not resemble in any way their romantic idea of green-marxist-utopia. The very people that fight to get the system in place, the revolutionaries, once they accomplish the goal and a collective Marxist state is in place, they (the revolutionaries) are a liability to the state. Darwinism, atheism, collectivism plus overt sexual liberation go hand in hand with what? a communist revolution. For a collective government to exist it must eliminate personal and emotional individuality and individual paternity and maternity. (these Rules apply to the Ruled, not the rulers.) It goes hand-in-hand with the Green-Globalist-Neo-Marxists One World Agenda.. . Is it any mystery why Marxism and intellectuals seem to go hand in hand? The process of “educating” people in the US and in the current fashion seems to have a predictable (general) result.. a self righteous atheist who now thinks they are so smart and know whats best for everyone that they are not only willing, but enthusiastic to “sacrifice a few for the collective good”.,or In other words a product that behaves how the rulers want it to. Who desides what the collective good is anyhow? Well with these people its not GOD. Morality must come from a rock solid foundation or people will be able to just make up convenient morality to serve their ends, which is what you have now.

Have you ever wondered why Its easier to hear about the death of thousands, than to hear one personal account of a child being killed by a soldier? Its because collective thinking is less influenced by the emotional centers of the brain. When you use this part of the brain to make decisions about large populations of people its unemotional. This in itself is not bad or good. What it does is allow for all sorts of decisions to be made with-out emotional attachment. It opens the door awshwitz, the NWO, mercy killings, Eric Pianka… The government is the embodiment of this collective thinking monster… a clumsy oaf who beyond all evidence still stoles the virtues of itself and its (governments) role in human affairs.
Communism is an engine of evil as it is outright intentional collective thinking and inhuman machine. Many have tried to understand how Hitler could do such deeds and many have argued that the effect of collective thinking due to “education” and the effect of a new pseudo-sciences, sociology, social-Darwinism, the Occult of course too as the plasticity of the “faith” allows egomaniacs the means to validate their grandiosity through feeling “chosen,” “destined” ..that they are a “higher evolved being” .. “above human” ubermensch,,, Of course if you have supermen you must have untermensch “sub-human”.. using collective thinking and manipulating a very educated and thus entitled and population to collective thinking relative population in to an in group/ out-group situation with the Jews who had a somewhat-distinguishable culture apart from the Germans .. So it was easy..

There was no resistance to Hitler’s State.. more like a bizarre fanatical enthusiasm, not just in Germany, but around the world…. Germany had become a collective single mind that Hitler and his minions played like a fiddle. These were NOT stupid ignorant people, the German people at the time were one of the most educated populations in history and very bohemian as well.. they were a lot like us here in the US right now.. A population of entitled “semi-educated” college grads.. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing..

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