Snowden theatergoers next month have a chance to hear from the man himself.

Edward Snowden will appear live from Russia via satellite on Sept. 14 for a rare conversation, two days before director Oliver Stone’s thriller has its U.S. release. Stone will conduct the 45-minute interview and appear live from New York via satellite.

The NSA whistleblower has primarily remained in Moscow after leaking classified documents in June 2013 about secret global surveillance programs. Snowden was granted three-year asylum by the Russian government. Since going into hiding, Snowden has appeared via satellite numerous times, including after a Comic-Con screening of the biopic last month.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the titular former government contractor who dramatizes Snowden’s life before the leaks and their aftermath. Shailene Woodley portrays Snowden’s girlfriend Lindsay Mills, and Zachary Quinto plays Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald.

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