Once again the SITE Group, the intelligence front operating as a terrorism research company, has produced a Hollywoodesque ISIS video.

The latest video, purportedly showing the beheading of Coptic Christians by the Tripoli Province of ISIS, prompted the Egyptian military to violate Libyan sovereignty and bomb the city of Derna in Libya.

Youtube versions of the video omit the supposed beheadings. This site, however, has posted the entire video supposedly ferreted out by SITE. As with other ISIS beheadings videos, the latest video treats the beheadings in a suspicious manner. The beheadings are shown in a series of fast cuts and close-ups.

According to reports and coverage on Facebook, the bombings killed civilians, including children:

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling “for the international coalition against the Da’esh (ISIS) terrorist organization… to take the necessary measures to confront the terrorist Da’esh organization and other similar terrorist organizations on Libyan territories.”

The government in Tripoli has condemned the air strikes:

The airstrikes, which the Egyptians say will continue, have resulted in a new round of kidnappings of Egyptian nationals, according to the Libya Herald.

There are reports that at least 35 Egyptians have been kidnapped in what appears to be a round-up at various locations in areas controlled by Ansar Al-Sharia and IS.

The Libya Herald has been told that starting this morning, in the wake of the attack on Derna by warplanes from Egypt, Egyptian nationals, many of them it seems farm workers, have been picked up by gunmen. The first reports were that seven men had been seized, but by mid-afternoon, it was being said that at least 35 had been reported missing.

SITE Intelligence Group Produces Propaganda for War on Terror

In October, James F. Tracy wrote:

Since mid-August 2014 major news organizations have conveyed videos allegedly found online by the SITE Intelligence Group.

Unsurprisingly the same media have failed to closely interrogate what the private company actually is and whether the material it promotes should be accepted as genuine.

The Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group (SITE) was co-founded by Rita Katz in 2001.


SITE Intelligence Group consists of Katz and two “senior advisers,” one of whom is Bruce Hoffman, the Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency at the RAND Corporation and former director of the RAND’s Washington DC office.

Remarkably, SITE “uncannily secures terrorist statements and videos well before the US’s wide array of lavishly-funded intelligence services,” writes Tracy.

In addition to receiving funding from the U.S. government, SITE has worked closely with the FBI. The FBI specializes in fabricating domestic terror plots.

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