already reported this very outcome in Egypt’s current race for political power, and finally after two weeks, the multi-million dollar corporate sponsored dinosaur mainstream media is beginning to realize that the fabled ‘Arab Spring’ never really happened, bringing instead a re-consolidation of power and dictatorship rule in Egypt by its Washington-backed Supreme Command of Armed Forces (SCAF). In case you missed it – interview with RT two weeks earlier confirmed Egyptian Military’s goal of achieving supreme power over the political process in that country:

Better late than never: This from the Washington Post today…

Ernesto Londoño and Leila Fadel
Washington Post
June 18, 2012

CAIRO — Egypt’s military leaders issued a constitutional decree Sunday that gave the armed forces sweeping powers and degraded the presidency to a subservient role, as the Muslim Brotherhood declared that its candidate had won the country’s presidential runoff election.

The bold assertion of power by the ruling generals followed months in which they had promised to cede authority to a new civilian government by the end of June. Instead, activists and political analysts said, the generals’ move marked the start of a military dictatorship, a sharp reversal from the promise of Egypt’s popular revolt last year.

The declaration, published in the state gazette, had been expected, but its details indicate that the military has asserted far greater authority than observers had anticipated. Under the order, the president will have no control over the military’s budget or leadership and will not be authorized to declare war without the consent of the ruling generals.

The document said the military would soon name a group of Egyptians to draft a new constitution, which will be subject to a public referendum within three months. Once a new charter is in place, a parliamentary election will be held to replace the Islamist-dominated lower house that was dissolved Thursday after the country’s high court ruled that one-third of the chamber’s members had been elected unlawfully.

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