A few of former top “I-plead-the-fifth” IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails have surfaced, and MAN, does she sound bitchy.

Not PMS bitchy. More like “uppity country club soccer mom with a side of Häagen-Dazs watching pre-recorded soap operas on the couch and thinking about ways to politically screw people over for kicks” bitchy.

Read them for yourself:


We might be “through” if there are that many “@ssholes,” she responded, referring to the “whacko wing of the GOP”. And apparently we don’t need to worry about “alien terrorists” because it’s “our own crazies” that will “take us down”.

Good to know she felt that way seven months before the scandal broke that for years under her watch, conservative groups were being unfairly targeted and discriminated against by the IRS.

The Daily Mail elaborated:

Former senior IRS official Lois Lerner had deeply held political biases while she was in a position of authority, according to Republican lawmakers who unveiled emails on Wednesday showing her referring to conservatives as ‘crazies’ and ‘a**holes.’

Michigan Rep. Dave Camp, who chairs the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder to demand what he called ‘a serious investigation’ – something he said has been lacking.

He told the attorney general on Wednesday that the newly disclosed email correspondence ‘shows Ms. Lerner’s mistreatment of conservative groups was driven by her personal hostility toward conservatives.’

So Rep. Camp thinks Lerner had a few “deeply held political biases,” does he…and this “personal hostility toward conservatives” just may have somehow contributed toward her mistreatment of conservative groups?

Gee, you don’t say…

The emails were sent from her Blackberry to a colleague. Of course, we can’t read the rest of her day-to-day emails because the dog ate her official work hard drive.

But beyond that… man. Just reading those emails and trying to get a general sense of the person who wrote them, you’ve gotta admit. She sounds…well…pretty damn bitchy.

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