Now that he’s back in a maximum-security prison, notorious Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman isn’t happy about life behind bars, according to his attorney.

In an interview with Mexico’s Radio Formula on Tuesday, Guzman’s lawyer said the drug kingpin feels that he is a victim of “physical and mental torture” because guards wake him up so often.

“He told me, literally, ‘Every two hours, at night, they wake me up to take roll. … They are turning me into a zombie. They do not let me sleep. All I want is just for them to let me sleep,’ ” attorney Juan Pablo Badillo said.

Since authorities recaptured him last month, Guzman has been inside Altiplano prison in central Mexico. It’s the same facility he broke out of in July 2015, slipping out through a tunnel in a brazen escape after he took advantage of a blind spot in a cell where the camera couldn’t watch him. Now, according to reports, security measures have increased dramatically.

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