In a single election night, Americans overwhelmingly rejected race-based politics, and extreme identity politics in general, which have been a staple of the Democratic Party for decades.

The GOP’s victories in the Nov. 4 midterm elections were not simply due to independent voters’ dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party but they were rather the result of an explosive ideological realignment which promotes individualism and transcendence beyond petty social divisions.

For years, the Democratic Party in particular has stirred divisions by race, class, gender and sexual orientation, but now more voters are realizing that this “us vs. them” mentality which pits American against American has only attributed to the decline of the United States.

Voters are thus turning away from collectivism in favor of individualism and the election results reflect this trend.

In South Carolina, for example, Republican Tim Scott became the first African-American elected to the U.S. Senate in the South since Reconstruction.

“We are thankful for those trailblazers who came before us and said the status quo was not enough,” Scott tweeted after the election. “I stand on the shoulders of giants.”

And in Utah, Mia Love emerged as the first black Republican woman to be elected to the House of Representatives.

“I wasn’t elected because of the color of my skin. I wasn’t elected because of my gender,” she told CNN. “I was elected because of the solutions that I put at the table because I promised I would run a positive issues-oriented campaign and that’s what resonated.”

Similarly, in California, Carl DeMaio became the first openly gay Republican to win a seat in Congress.

“…The attack ads he has endured since throwing his hat into the ring for a congressional seat have been deemed as demonizing, demoralizing, and full of ‘gay-baiting’ hate speech,” reported The Inquisitr. “Media Matters [a White House front group] is among those who appear to not support DeMaio and have mocked Fox News for supporting the candidate.”

“The gay Republican was also booed during a gay pride parade in California.”

The far-left collectivists were motivated to attack DeMaio because he threatened the stereotype that gays could only be Democrats.

Their attacks didn’t work, however; DeMaio won the election by 752 votes.

When people are divided into groups, they are easier to control, and that’s why authoritarians promote identity politics which degrade individuals into mere members of various groups and factions.

Government can only grow at the expense of individual liberties, and the collectivism resulting from extreme identity politics ensures the expansion of government without limit.

But, as last night’s elections revealed, Americans are demanding that politicians not merely view them as a race, a sexual orientation or a gender but as individuals with rights.

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