Second grade is a year for learning basic multiplication, fractions, expanding vocabulary. Now your little one will become well versed in the dangers of white privilege too. According to the PTA at this North Carolina elementary school, kiddos should learn to recognize the pale daemons sucking up society’s limelight.

A North Carolina parent is upset after her 8-year-old son was given a handout teaching him about “white privilege.”

The sheet is labeled “Step 3: (Begin to) Understand the Concept of White Privilege” and lists statistics showing a disproportionate number of white people in government, media and the entertainment industry.

White Privilege Worksheet

Amber Pabon, a parent at Hunter Magnet Elementary, said her son came home last month with the paper in his folder.

A note at the top of the sheet said it’s an initiative of the school’s PTA to generate “awareness and empathy to create a safe and equitable Hunter Community.”

PTA members said the handout is intended for parents, and new material is sent home, emailed or posted to Facebook every week.

My favorite part of this worksheet: 100% of the current President and Vice President is white. 100% of two people. Al Sharpton could eat alphabet soup and poo out a better example of fake racism than that.

This worksheet would make sense in a society where only whitey gets to go to nice schools and learn sailing. Meanwhile darker students are forced to attend a crappier school for basketball. But in 2018’s America…

Definitely not using this GIF because she’s black.

Such idiocy forces tiny tots to suddenly focus on racist ideas. The school insists it’s not currently part of the curriculum, but progress wants to sink its claws into the minds of younglings. Hence the handout. Gone will be the days of playing handball at recess. Maybe Malcolm X readings will be a go-to extracurricular activity instead. Denounce white supremacy or get a timeout, children.

The above scenario was a bit silly, perhaps. Yet no sillier than sending little kids home with guides on dismantling a fictional racist hierarchy.

This is the future leftists want; indoctrinating children. Creating future little Shaun Kings. Next up? Sending chitlins home with guides to spray tannery. This week’s homework is covering thy offending whiteness. In the name of progress!

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